10 html5 Themes for a Back Office administration panel

Selection of Themes for the design of an administration panel

10 html5 Themes for a Back Office administration panel
martes 22 de abril 2014 a las 17:00   Sergi Ruiz   Resources  

In this post we select for you 10 HTML5+CSS3 themes for a back office administration panel for your website, blog or e-commerce platform.

All the themes mentioned here are built with Twitter Bootstrap, a very common framework within the web designer community because of its flexibility and the fast pace of work it allows.

Every single of these themes uses the Responsive Design technique or adaptive web design which makes them optimised for any common screen resolution (PC, tablet, smartphones …)

Since they’re built in HTML5 or CSS3 these themes are 100% editable and any developer or programmer will be able to customise and adapt them given the needs of every particular online shop.

So let’s proceed with our list for the 10 html themes for a back office administration panel we’ve chosen for you:

It’s worth mentioning that all these themes have been created by either professional designers or design companies and are being sold on ThemeForest, a platform that sells high quality themes for your web design. Taking that into consideration, their price (which is often between 20$ and 25$) is more than justified.

It’s quite important to keep in mind that the vast majority of the themes in ThemeForest are periodically updated by their authors, getting rid of small bugs, recoding into newer versions or adding new functionalities.

These themes do not include all the programming required to make your administration panel or your website work, they simply include the HTML and CSS files that will shape the aesthetics of the back-end design.

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