Top 10 HTML5 Coming Soon Templates

The best Themes we have found for Coming Soon screens

Top 10 HTML5 Coming Soon Templates
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We continue with the series of Top HTML5 templates articles. In this case we have selected top 10 HTML5 + CSS3 templates for Coming Soon websites, also known as Under construction templates.

All templates we have selected are built in HTML5 and CSS3. Usually, these kind of templates are quite simple. The templates have selected use Javascript, jQuery and AJAX to create some effects and animations that will add a touch of originality to the templates.

Most of these themes contain different versions of the template itself: single images backgrounds , image sliders backgorunds, full screen video backgrounds, countdowns ...

Of course, all come with fully Responsive Design. That is, they are optimized for most common screen resolutions (PC, tablet, smartphones...).

Anyone with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS will be able to make code modifications and customize the templates.

This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase one of the Themes we recommend, we will receive a small fee. Thank you very much!

Come up with our selection of Top 10 web Coming Soon Templates:

These templates are created by professional designers and offered for sale in the ThemeForest platform. ThemeForest is a specialized website in selling web themes, where you can find high quality templates. The price of the templates in this platform is usually pretty cheap considering the quality of the designs. This type of "coming soon templates" are usually simple because of having few content. In consecuence, the prices of these under constuction templates are between $ 5 and $ 6, an almost symbolic price to reward work of the authors.

It is also important to note that most ThemeForest templates are supported by the authors themselves, and are updated regularly to solve small bugs, update the code to a new version, add some new features...

In some cases, in addition to the HTML and CSS files, templates include PSD files to edit designs in Photoshop.

If you want a Free Coming Soon Template for your website, you can find it here:

Soonweb - free coming soon template

Soonweb - free coming soon template


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