Espejo y Goyanes

Espejo y Goyanes is an interior design studio based in Madrid. They also create wedding lists.

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Espejo y Goyanes

The website of Espejo y Goyanes has been tailored to meet the needs of the company.

In addition to the usual corporate sections (projects, blog, contact, about us ...) an electronic commerce has been developed, but with the particularity that the products that are sold are wedding lists. Because, in addition to being an interior design studio, at Espejo y Goyanes they also entrust themselves with creating wedding lists for their clients.

Starting from the base of a "standard" e-commerce, the behavior has been adapted to offer a result that fits perfectly with the needs of Espejo y Goyanes and their clients. For example, certain products can be purchased as a group, providing a quantity of the real price of the item. Another unique feature that we could highlight is that the bride and groom receive personalized emails each time one of their guests places an order.

As we said, the whole project is tailored, and for this we have used CodegIgniter (PHP framework with which we usually work), in addition to Twitter Bootstrap, achieving a web page adaptable to any device, like all our projects.

The design of the website is clean and elegant, playing with large images, backgrounds that simulate marble, CSS effects to provide dynamism, etc. All the details have been customized to fit 100% with the tastes of the customer.